In 2002, SnoBlox-Snojax teamed with Rick Long to help pioneer the way for the industry’s first patented stack and chimney saver product called the VentSaver FB-151™.  Shortly thereafter, the larger VentSaver P-383™ was introduced.  These snow diverter products became essential for us to sell because we had so many customers that were misapplying snow guards to try to protect their roof vent pipes and chimneys. While Snow Guards may prevent snow and ice from moving on the roof, they offer no support to the vent pipes and chimneys. The VentSaver performs two functions, it diverts the snow and ice while adding support to the vent stack pipes and chimneys. The VentSaver chimney protectors can be used as a standalone product but they do work well in conjunction with metal roof snow guards.

Since 2002 The VentSaver product line evolved to include 3 different models.  The first generation VentSaver FB-151 is 6” tall, the second generation VentSaver P-383 is 9” tall, and the third generation VentSaver HD (Heavy Duty) is 14” tall and includes a thicker stainless cable and a wing kit for extra protection at the base of the pipe or chimney.

Introduced in 2020, the New VentSaver EZ is compatible with screw-down/PBR style screw-down panels, as well as most standing seam panels. The snow-cutting fin is wider and stronger than our previous VentSaver FB-151 and VentSaver P-383 models. Unlike the first two models, the new generation VentSaver EZ is now also offered with Wing Kit and Height Extension options. It has a standing profile of 9 inches and is fabricated from non-corrosive mill-finished aircraft-grade aluminum. The aircraft-grade aluminum is unaffected by the weather so it can be installed with the standard mill finish, right out of the box. It can also be wet painted, or powder coated by the customer if desired.

In 2021 the VentSaver product line will be streamlined to include just 2 models, the VentSaver EZ and the VentSaver HD. It will make selecting the right product for vent and chimney protection much easier.  For our customers with standing seam metal roof systems, there is an optional standing seam mounting plate, with non-penetrating clamps, available. For our customers that want to use the wing kit and/or height extender, there is also an optional screw-down mounting plate that is compatible with most screw-down PBR and corrugated 2.67 metal roof panels. Both plates allow the mounting of optional Wing Kits and Height Extenders without special modifications.

VentSaver EZ, HD, & Extreme! A Lineup of Vent Pipe and Chimney Protection From Sliding Snow & Ice!




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