Do they come in other colors?​

The VentSaver products are currently available in only their pictured colors. The VentSaver EZ is mill finish and can be installed without painting. It can also be powder coated or painted locally by the customer, upon receiving them. All other models are powder coated from the factory and will require stripping prior to applying a new color. 

Are they painted or powder coated?

While the VentSaver EZ Model and our mounting plate kits come in standard mill finish, the other models are powder coated from the manufacturer. Mill finish aluminum does not require painting or powder coating to be weatherproof. The powder coating process provides a more durable and longer-lasting finish than the paint typically will. 

Can this be installed by anyone?

Our VentSaver products come with full-color instructions, making installation simple and user-friendly. We do recommend, however, that all proper safety precautions be taken when working at heights. When working on any roof, proper fall protection equipment is highly recommended.

Why can't I use snow guards instead?

A professionally installed snow guard system can help solve the problems associated with snow slides but requires a proper layout and multiple rows over the entire length of the roof area. Isolated placement of snow guards, such as just over doorways, vent pipes, or chimneys is not recommended and may lead to much bigger problems. The VentSaver product is a stand-alone vent guard that does not require additional snow guard devices to be installed. The VentSaver's focus is on protecting and adding support to the pipe or chimney. It is like a shark fin in water that splits the snow and ice around the vent pipe or chimney while adding support. It is worth noting that snow guards do not add any type of support to the vent stack or chimney pipes.

Will this make my roof leak?

When installed properly, the VentSaver systems will prevent roof leaks. We do, however, recommend annual fastener and sealant checks.  A broken stack pipe or chimney can be catastrophic, lending itself to major water damage.    

Can I use this product as a tie-off point?

Absolutely Not! This product is not tested as a tie-off point for fall protection and should NOT be used as such! We DO NOT RECOMMEND the VentSaver product line be used for the purposes of fall protection. Only certified/tested fall protection devices should be used for this purpose.

What size pipe/chimney does the VentSaver protect?

We have models that can protect pipes up to 14” in diameter. The VentSaver HD, with the height extension (HDC), stands up to 25” tall to help secure taller pipes/chimneys under heavy snow conditions. 

What materials are used to make a VentSaver?  

Noncorrosive aircraft-grade aluminum bodies with stainless steel hardware. The VentSaver HD is powder-coated light gray. The VentSaver EZ is mill finish aluminum and can be installed without painting. It can also be painted, or powder coated to match the roof panels by the customer. 

How long does it take to ship a VentSaver once it is ordered? 

We try to keep all VentSaver models and accessories fully stocked in our PA warehouse for quick shipping.  Typically, orders placed Mon- Fri by 2 pm EST will ship the same or the next business day.

Does the VentSaver work on standing seam metal roof panels?

Yes, all of the VentSaver products are compatible with standing seam roofs with the addition of the optional SS (standing seam) mounting plate. VentSaver is the only product available that is specifically designed to protect Vent Pipes and Chimneys on Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

Does the VentSaver require any drilling or cutting as part of the installation? 

Yes, certain situations may require custom hole placement or modifications, which can be easily done on-site, with basic tools. The installer only needs basic handyman skills. There is nothing technical about the installation beyond using a screw gun, drill, and maybe a hacksaw.  Detailed installation instructions are provided with each order.

I get a lot of snow, what’s the best VentSaver for my roof?

We would recommend either the VentSaver EZ or the VentSaver HD with the wing kit and mounting plate installed.  The mounting plate will spread the load across multiple seams while providing protection for the base of the pipe as well as adding support to the upper pipe with the fin. For taller pipes and chimneys we recommend the use of the optional height extender.

How much does a VentSaver cost? 

Pricing ranges from $89 for a basic light-duty version to over $400 depending on the size, height, accessories, and mounting brackets required.  




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