Standing Seam Roofs

Standing Seam Roofs

Standing seam metal roofing is a hidden fastener type of metal roof panel that has vertical seams with a flat area between them. A typical flat panel area measurement can vary from 12 to 24 inches. The panels are typically 22 to 26 gauges thick, with 24-gauge steel being the most common. The raised seams, sometimes referred to as vertical legs, rise above the flat area of the panel, giving it a distinct architecturally pleasing appearance. Standing seam panels are usually attached to the roof deck using a roof clip or directly fastened to the decking with a built-in nail strip. Typically, these types of roofs do not allow for any type of screw penetration, which can present a challenge when fastening various types of roofing products.

Attaching VentSaver to a Standing Seam Metal Roof

When mounting a VentSaver to a standing seam metal roof, it is advisable to use the VentSaver Mounting Plate with RoofClamps so there are no panel penetrations. Products on this page will all feature the use of the RoofClamp with the suggested products. The SataMount RCT will use our full-size RoofClamp, which fits over 90% of all concealed fastener panels currently offered. The SnoBar, ColorBar, and SnoCleat also use a type of clamp fastening system to secure a snow retention device to the panel. The alternative to mounting a snow guard to a concealed fastener roof with a clamp is to use an adhesive that glues the snow stop right to the panel. 

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