VentSaver HD with Standing Seam Mounting Plate


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Standing seam panels should never be penetrated with fasteners, therefore we have developed an aluminum SS Standing Seam VentSaver Mounting Plate that fits 95% of standing seam profiles from 12” - 24”.  The SS (Standing Seam) VentSaver Mounting Plate attaches to the seams using four of our patented RCT Roof Clamps with cupped tipped set screws.  The plate provides a strong and secure mounting surface for the VentSaver HD and Wing Kit.  The SS VentSaver HD kit includes the Standing Seam Plate with four RCT clamps, 12” long mounting base, a 5”x18” fin, and a heavy-duty stainless-steel aircraft cable that can secure pipes up to 14” diameter.  This setup will provide 15”-19” of height to the pipe depending on seam height. Please see the Panel Matrix to determine if this product is compatible with your standing seam metal roof.

SS Mounting Plate Instructions             SS Mounting Plate Cut Sheet            SS Mounting Plate Specification

VentSaver HD Cut Sheet      VentSaver HD Specification Sheet


VentSaver HD (Heavy Duty) Vent Pipe and Chimney Protection From Sliding Snow and Ice!

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