Other Products

Other Products

RidgePro, SataMount, RoofClamp, Snow Guards, & Leaf Guards

Our other line of products may come in handy when installing the VentSaver stack and chimney snow protectors.  

Roof Safety Anchor

The RidgePro is a unique first-man-up, last-man-down device that allows a worker to safely navigate the roof while installing our products.

The SataMount

This satellite dish mounting solution is available in two different product variations. The SataMount RCT uses a RoofClamp to secure it to a standing seam roof, while the SataMount MRM uses a screw-down.

The Patented RoofClamp

This is a standing seam attachment solution for securing almost anything to a concealed fastener metal roof.

A Full Line of Snow Retention for Metal Roofing

These snow guard products will allow attachment to a standing seam roof with either an adhesive or clamp-on option.

The LeafBlox Gutter Guards

They are a great addition to any roof in any climate. They are known as the easiest leaf guards to install and maintain. Because they are made up of black bristles, they also aid in melting the snow and ice in the gutters by absorbing the heat from the sun.

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