SnoBlox SnowBreaker


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Panel Compatibility:
All Metal Roof Panels With at Least 1.5" Panel Flat
SB-190 or Screws and Silicone Options:
For Attachment Options, a minimum order quantity of 25 Pieces is required.
SnowBreaker 3M Includes:
3m Tape & SB-190 For Perimeter Seal (1 Tube For Every 50 Units)
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For information on recommended spacing for your snow guards, please see the Snow Guard Spacing Guidelines Page.

  • Made in the USA
  • install is quick and easy.
  • Most Versatile Snow Guard on the Market!
  • Able to be fastened by screws, tape, or adhesive
  • Breaks up sliding snow and ice safely!

 SnowBreaker Dimensional PictureSnowBreaker Breaking Snow

SnowBreakers are metal roof snow guards that divide snow into manageable, safer pieces. This solution reduces the hazard of dangerous snow avalanches by breaking up the snow and ice so that it can be shed from the roof in smaller pieces. This is the best of both worlds since the snow and ice can shed from the roof more quickly than traditional snow retention while still offering a certain amount of safety protection.

SnowBreaker Installed in a Reverse Direction
The SnowBreaker can be installed in the reverse direction, with the pointed side facing downhill, when fixed with screws or SB-190 adhesive, as shown above. In order to capture and hold the snow and ice on the roof, the device will subsequently function as a snow retention system. Due to the tape's weak holding power, the tape on method cannot accomplish this.

Both kinds of roofs are suitable for installing the SnowBreaker:

  • Screw Down Roof with Exposed Fasteners: The SnowBreaker can be simply screwed into a purlin or other structural support below.

  • Standing Seam Roof: You have the choice of installing the SnowBreaker using 3M tape or the SB-190 adhesive. (For extra protection, the 3M tape option still needs a bead of SB-190 around the edge. 50 SnowBreaker 3M guards come with a free tube of SB-190.) 

SnowBreaker Snow Guards PictureSnowBreaker On Roof

Safe for Your Roof and You
The SnowBreaker works very well at reducing damage brought on by the abrupt release of snow and ice, all while putting less stress on your roof. Nobody else can make this claim but us! This affordably priced product reduces danger as the snow and ice slide off of the roof by slicing it into manageable pieces that can be shed from the roof safely.

Wintertime Application
There is a peel and stick version for installation in cooler temperatures because the cutting edge design makes it unsuitable for receiving a sizable shear load.

The Solution for Isolated Areas and Doorways
The load of the frozen mass will extend to the unprotected area, so a snow guard can't, in theory, hold snow and ice in a isolated area on a roof. The snow retention system will be highly overloaded as a result, leading to premature release and eventual failure. This assumption can be changed by positioning the SnowBreaker at a 45-degree angle outward over the desired isolated area to protect since the SnowBreaker is not intended to retain snow for very long. Compared to traditional snow guard systems, which demand that the entire roof area have snow retention simply to protect isolated parts, this is a significant cost reduction. For information on isolated places, please refer to the Isolated Placement Guide.

SnowBreaker Spec Sheet    SnowBreaker Cut Sheet  SnowBreaker Installation Instructions

* Orders with fewer than 25 units are ineligible for the SB-190 adhesive, screw, and silicone addon attachment option.

Snowbreaker Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

Warranty Information

The following warranty supersedes all other expressed or implied warranties. Reliable tests are used as the foundation for recommendations for how to utilize the product properly. In no event shall the manufacturer be liable for damages in excess of the purchase price for any products that are found to be defective because of materials other than replacement or refund of the purchase price. The user is responsible for determining whether the product is suitable for the application for which it is designed and for assuming all associated risks.


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