Vent Pipe Snow Guards

Protect your vent and stove pipes from sliding snow and ice.

Snow diverters for chimneys and vent pipes prevent damage caused by sliding snow and ice on sloped metal roofs.

Choose a VentSaver for your specific type of metal roof panel.

If you have a screw-down metal roof that has exposed fasteners, you can use the VentSavers designed for screw-down roofing. The VentSaver snow diverters are typically mechanically fastened through the roof panel into the previously installed wood blocking below. If you do not have access to the underside of your roof to install adequate blocking, you can use a screw-down mounting plate that will attach through the high seam into the wood decking below. The VentSaver mounting bracket has six holes where the screw-down mounting plate can be screwed down with twelve or more screws for optimum holding power. The other option would be to purchase an extra VentSaver mounting bracket for six more holes of holding power.

For concealed fastener, standing seam metal roofs, you can use the VentSaver designed for standing seam roofs. These VentSavers attach safely to the panel seams with the optional VentSaver SS mounting plate. This plate comes with four heavy-duty, universal-mount RoofClamps that attach to the seam with three cup-tip set screws. These set screws in the RoofClamps do not penetrate the panels and require a low torque setting of only 90-inch pounds.

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