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Prevent crushed vent pipes by splitting and diverting snow.

Snow Diverters for Metal Roofs

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Broken Vent Pipe From Sliding Snow and Ice

Protect vent pipe and chimneys from sliding snow and ice.

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Vent Pipe and Chimney Snow Guards

Fin design cuts through snow and ice.

The innovative fin design acts like a snow diverter that cuts through packed ice and snow, causing the snow slide to go around the pipe while assisting in shedding the snow and ice from your roof. Installation is quick and easy! All VentSavers are made from high-quality, non-corrosive, aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless-steel cable and comes with stainless hardware.

Support for stove and vent pipes.

These stove pipe snow guards have a cable that wraps around a vent pipe or chimney to add support. The snow breaker fin is screwed to the roof bracket with stainless steel nuts and bolts. The roof bracket is then fastened through the roof into wood blocking under the roof. This has been a proven method of keeping the vent pipes safe from sliding snow and ice on metal roofs since 2002.

Fit sizes from 1 to 14 inches around.

The included stainless-steel cable will fit around any vent pipe or chimney that has a circumference of up to fourteen inches. The base and fin can be adjusted to fit almost any roof pitch by moving the fin to the appropriate holes on the roof bracket.

Compatible with standing seam roofs.

Any VentSaver can be safely mounted on a floating standing seam roof with the VentSaver mounting plate and RoofClamps. The patented RoofClamps use stainless-cup-tipped set screws that don't penetrate the panel. The included ramp attaches behind the plate to divert the snow and ice up onto the plate. The snow and ice is then sliced by the fin, where it is then diverted around the vent stack pipe or chimney.

Cricket Eliminator - Stack Pipe and Chimney Snow Guards

The VentSaver products will help prevent crushed vent pipes by splitting and diverting the snow.

This ingenious vent guard product also adds support and strength to your vent pipes, chimneys, or masts.




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