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The Ultimate Vent Pipe and Chimney Snow Guard

Provides snow protection for your stack pipe and flu pipes on your home or business.

When it comes to safeguarding your roof from the perils of sliding snow and ice, you need a solution that's as extreme as the elements themselves. Enter the VentSaver Extreme, the latest addition to our VentSaver product line. Building upon the success of the VentSaver EZ and VentSaver HD, the VentSaver Extreme takes roofing protection to an entirely new level.

Innovative Upper Wing Kit

The VentSaver Extreme offers an industry-first feature with the optional Upper Wing Kit. This ingenious addition is exclusively available with the VentSaver Extreme and provides vital protection for the upper section of your larger pipes and chimneys against sliding snow and ice damage. This unique design sets the VentSaver Extreme apart from the rest.

  • Made in America!
  • Aircraft-Quality Aluminum with Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Includes a lower wing kit spanning approximately 20.5” for added protection.
  • Standard profile of approximately 14", increased to 32” with the optional Upper Wing Kit.  (height may vary depending on your roof pitch.)
  • Compatible with most standing seam roofs without panel penetrations, using the optional SS (Standing Seam VentSaver Mounting Kit)
  • Avoid the need for spacers and wing modifications with the optional SD (Screw Down) and SS (Standing Seam) VentSaver Plate Kit.

Extra-Wide Wing Span for Unrivaled Protection

The VentSaver Extreme boasts an impressive 20.5" wingspan, offering superior protection for the base of your pipes against the relentless forces of nature. With an extended set of lower wings, it's engineered to combat the challenges posed by sliding snow and ice like never before.  Each of the lower wings is secured with four fasteners to the structural components of the roof system.

VentSaver Hd vs VentSaver Extreme Comparison

Double-Mounting Base for Unshakeable Stability

The VentSaver Extreme includes a double mounting base designed to anchor it firmly to your roof. With 12 heavy-duty roofing screws, it has twice the fastening strength of the other models.

Decades of Roofing Protection Expertise

Our original VentSaver products were introduced in 2002, specifically designed to address the common issue of damage to vent pipes, chimneys, and roof masts caused by sliding snow and ice on sloped metal roofs. Vent pipes and chimneys are vulnerable areas that are often overlooked until it's too late. While snow guards can provide some protection, they are only effective when installed across the entire roof. The VentSaver EZ, HD, and now the VentSaver Extreme offer the ultimate stand-alone or additional solutions to protect your vent pipes, chimneys, and masts.

With all VentSaver products, you can trust in American craftsmanship, quality materials, and innovative design to keep your roof and its vital components safe from the harsh winter elements. Choose the VentSaver that suits your needs and gain peace of mind, knowing your home is protected by the best in the industry. Don't wait until it's too late—invest in VentSaver today and fortify your roof against the extreme.

VentSaver Extreme Instructions 

VentSaver Extreme Mounting Plate Instructions     

VentSaver Extreme Cut Sheet       

VentSaver Extreme Specification

Introducing VentSaver Extreme: Unrivaled Vent Pipe and Chimney Protection From Sliding Snow and Ice!

Warranty Information

Warranty: The following warranty is made in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Recommendations for proper use of the product are based on tests believed to be reliable. Any goods proven to be defective due to materials will be replaced or purchase price refunded, but in no event shall the manufacturer be responsible for damages in excess of the purchase price. The user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and assumes all risks of its use or handling.


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