RidgePro Roof Ridge Anchor (New Version)


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First Man Up Anchor - Ridge Roof Peak Anchor 

This safety device is a First Man Up (FMU) Last Man Down (LMD) roof anchoring system is designed for 6/12 to 12/12 roof pitches. The RidgePro offers a safe solution for transitioning from the ladder to the actual roof and back to the ladder. It allows for quicker access to the peak than a standard fall protection rope and harness setup. The cross members are padded to protect your roof and can accept four 5/16 lag bolts to make it OSHA Compliant for an anchoring device. The body is made from super strong, lightweight, high-grade aluminum for easy transport and it has a built-in stainless-steel shackle harness and rope receiver. This device is a much more cost-effective solution to scaffolding or roof planks. The RidgePro may be used temporarily or long term for roof access. Its versatility allows for use across a wide variety of roofing materials and is perfect for installing snow guards on just about any steep roof.

This is the best roof peak anchor system for roofers, solar installers, gutter companies, claims adjusters, chimney sweeps, telecommunications companies, professionals in disaster restoration and rescue, as well as do-it-yourself handymen and homeowners who maintain their own roofs.

The RIDGEPRO™ complies with OSHA standard 1926 Subpart M for a single user and can withstand and exceed 5,000 pounds of static strength force when properly secured with lag bolts. OSHA does not regulate "non-anchors" when they are not anchored, thus you would be using the RIDGEPRO™ as an inspection tool, which gives you 15 minutes on the roof before you need to anchor.

Please Note: The older version of the RidgePro used a special pole that had a threaded tip with a hole drilled out to accept a locking pin. The newer improved version of the RIDGEPRO™ uses the Sherlock RO57 fiberglass telescoping pole that extends from 8 feet to 16 feet. The latest version of the RIDGEPRO™ is much quicker to install and eliminates the need to screw the pole to the device. The process of installing the pole is now simplified and there is less chance of omitting the important positive locking shackle that slides through both the RidgePro and the pole. The Sherlock RO57 poles is also available for purchase from most major paint and big box stores. The poles sold at the paint and box stores have a threaded tip installed. To use with the RIDGEPRO™ simply remove the threaded tip by removing a rivet or unscrewing a Phillips head screw. Slide the open end of the pole on to the RIDGEPRO™ and insert and lock the included shackle. If you choose the RidgePro PLUS option from us, the pole will be ready to use right out of the box with no threaded tip to remove. See video below for step by step instructions.

RidgePro Cut Sheet        RidgePro Spec Sheet        RidgePro Safety Manual

RidgePro New Version With Non Threaded Pole Tip

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