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SnoBar ColorBar

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Product Material:
6063-T5 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Panel Compatibility:
Concealed Fastener Standing Seam Metal Roofs
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The SnoCleat RCT and RC Snow Guards can be fitted at any time of year to standing seam metal roofing. This product has a broad face that measures 4 inches wide and is made to accommodate a color strip that is 2 inches wide to match your roof. Most standing seams up to 1" wide will fit the RC version. The internal clamp measures 1" wide by 1" high.

SnoCleat Components

The 3" swivel bracket that is unique to this seam mounted snow guard provides for a 31 degree angle change in hips and converging valleys. In the event of a significant snow and ice collision, the torque on the mounting bracket can be changed to help protect the seams. An established testing facility has shear and tensile tested the RoofClamp RC and RCT mounting clamps. Before making a purchase, always check the panel compatibility and spacing requirements.


Special Note:  In the case of a sudden snow slide, panel damage may occur since individual standing seam mounted snow guards lack a release component. With other types of seam mounted snow guards, "Caveat Emptor"—this is a frequent issue and a significant worry. Using our unique swivel bracket's torque setting at its lowest setting may help to alleviate this typical issue. Never use snow guards on a roof's isolated regions, such as the area directly above vents, chimneys, or doorways. Depending on the roof slope and length of the run, multiple rows of snow guards may be necessary. The best way to retain snow and ice on a metal roof is to install this snow guard system according to the manufacturer's recommended spacing guidelines.

SnoCleat RC with Optional ColorStrip

Optional Color Matching:  As seen in the above image, the face of this guard can be fitted with a user-supplied piece of 2" wide metal roofing. Additionally, powder coating is available for an extra cost. Call us at 1-800-766-5291 for information on pricing and availability.

Spec Sheet        Cut Sheet        Panel Compatibility       Installation Instructions

SnoCleat Standing Seam Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

Warranty Information

The following warranty supersedes all other expressed or implied warranties. Reliable tests are used as the foundation for recommendations for how to utilize the product properly. In no event shall the manufacturer be liable for damages in excess of the purchase price for any products that are found to be defective because of materials other than replacement or refund of the purchase price. The user is responsible for determining whether the product is suitable for the application for which it is designed and for assuming all associated risks.


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