Mill Finish SnowCatcher


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  • Made in the USA, with US Stainless Steel

  • It has been demonstrated that a flat, forward-facing design results in fewer roof stresses, failures, and leaks than other competing solutions.

  • No silicone or messy sealants are required because it comes with a foam gasket.

  • Installation is Easy

 SnowCatcher DimensionsSnowCatcher With Foam Pad

Stainless Steel Snow Guard Details

The Mill SnowCatcher is a 16-gauge metal snow guard made of 304-grade stainless steel. For a small upcharge, it is also available in TGIC Polyester powder-coated colors. The 1.5" wide base fits most 36" panels with 9" flats, and the large forward-mounted 4" wide face offers a sizable holding field. A gasket made of V742 CCF PVC foam that is 1/16" thick and adhesive-backed is supplied. The SnowCatcher requires two screws for each guard; however, the third hole can also accommodate an additional screw and serves as a support for powder coating.

SnowCatcher Snow Guard Testing

When fastened with #14 screws, professional third-party Intertek/ATI testing showed that the SnowCatcher held 3923 pounds. The sturdy design does not become brittle over time like inexpensive guards made of metal castings.

Snow Stops Application

The Snow Catcher is not suggested for adhesive mounting and should only be used for screw down applications. It is not advised to utilize snow guards in isolated roof areas including chimneys, doors, vents, and partial roof sections. Although there is room for three screws per guard, only two screws are required. Screws are sold separately.

Please refer to the spacing guideline page for proper snow guard placement.

SnowCatcher Cut Sheet           SnowCatcher Specification Sheet          SnowCatcher Instruction Sheet

SnowCatcher Stainless Steel Snow Guards

Warranty Information

The following warranty supersedes all other expressed or implied warranties. Reliable tests are used as the foundation for recommendations for how to utilize the product properly. In no event shall the manufacturer be liable for damages in excess of the purchase price for any products that are found to be defective because of materials other than replacement or refund of the purchase price. The user is responsible for determining whether the product is suitable for the application for which it is designed and for assuming all associated risks.


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