SataMount MRM Screw Down Satellite Dish Mount for Starlink


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Panel Compatibility:
Exposed Fastener Ag Panel, R-Panel, PBR Panel
Starlink Mount Compatibility:
Gen1, Gen2, Gen 3 Starlink Standard Pivot Mount
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Screw-down Metal Roof Satellite Mount

Compatible with the latest Gen 3 Starlink Standard Pivot Mount!

SataMount MRM is a heavy-duty, screw-down mounting solution for satellite dishes and more.

The satellite dish bracket and Starlink mounting bracket shown in the pictures are for illustration only; they are not included in the actual kit. This satellite mount works with most satellite dish bases, including the Standard Starlink Base, Volcano Starlink Base, and Pivot Starlink Bases, without purchasing additional hardware. Additionally, the SataMount MRM is also ideal for installing pipes, solar panels, junction boxes, and other items that need to be mounted on roofs that can accept screw-down mounting.

Metal Roof Panel Compatibility

The SataMount MRM (Metal Roof Mount) screw-down roof satellite mount system is a versatile and long-lasting way to secure most types of satellite dishes to most exposed fastener metal roofs. The proprietary SataBracket is designed to fit securely and seamlessly on a wide range of screw-down metal roofs, such as R-Panel, Ag Panels, and PBR Panels. This kit includes Defender-coated spring nut channel bolts, aluminum SataBracket metal roof mounts, 12-gauge Defender-coated Unistrut that is 27 inches long, and stainless-steel screws with washers. Using proper installation techniques, the SataMount MRM can also be screwed down to most asphalt shingle roofs.

SataBracket Comparison

SataMount Satellite Kit Contents

Because the SataMount MRM comes with 4 mounting brackets that can accept up to 8 screws per bracket, it can be utilized with only half-inch wood roof substrates. This is a significant advantage over using mounting brackets that only offer a few fastening points. Many installers opt to use the SataMount MRM kit to mount the original mounting bracket that comes with the satellite dish because most standard satellite mounts require at least 1.5 inches of wood substrate.

SataBracket Components

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